Pharmaceutical pricing, a problem to be solved – Same as software, medicines are no scarce commodity, –Andreas Wildi

Pharmaceutical pricing is a problem to be solved macro-economically, both at home and world wide

This requires a national and international pricing system in which individual drugs could be classified. As part of such a system, we would then measure the value of a drug and assign it with a corresponding price.

As a national and international community, we would then have the chance – here, then and everywhere – of never ever restricting access to effective medicines, and at the same time to struggle until we have solved the price issue.

However, there cannot be such a thing as an expensive drug.

We have every right to stand up for the respect of our patient, and patent, rights. Medicines must be fairly sold domestically and abroad and must be purchased fairly. Same as software, medicines are no scarce commodity.

How is it judged in Switzerland today whether a drug is too expensive?

Again and again, individual medicines are described generally or for certain patients as too expensive and not reimbursed. This is a problem, a problem to be solved.

For [a.o.] the drugs’ pricing responsible are the federal offices for health and social insurance 1) as well as the individual health insurers 2) and cantonal disability insurance agencies.3)

quotes, slightly edited, from: Same as software, medicines are no scarce commodity – Although one of the leading pharmaceutical locations in the world, Switzerland is a high-price island for medicines. In the light of patient, as well as patent, protection, it is high time to questioned pricing of medicines, by Andreas Wildi,4) NZZ 06/23/18

translated from German: So wie Software sind Arzneimittel kein knappes Gut – Obwohl sie zu den führenden Pharmastandorten der Welt zählt, ist die Schweiz bei Medikamenten eine Hochpreisinsel. Im Lichte des Patienten-, aber auch des Patentschutzes muss die Preisfestsetzung grundsätzlich hinterfragt werden, von Andreas Wildi,4) NZZ 23.6.18

1) Federal Office of Public Health FOPH (BAG), and Federal Social Insurance Office FSIO (BSV), (de, fr, it, en)

2) health insurance in Switzerland: Health insurance on the web of Swiss authorities online, (de, fr, it, rm, en)

3) disability insurance in Switzerland: Disability Insurance DI (IV) at the Information Centre OASI/DI (AHV/IV) website of all compensation and DI offices, (de, fr, it, en)

4) Andreas Wildi is a doctor and lawyer in Zurich and Bern and specializes in Swiss and international compensation and pricing right for pharmaceuticals and medical technology products. He was head of the medication section of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH (BAG). CV outline at LinkedIn,



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